Benefits of Meditation

Buddhism shows us that true and lasting happiness can be experienced by everyone. Meditation, a way of understanding and caring for the mind, is one powerful technique for achieving this. Through meditation, we reduce stress and anxiety, develop concentration and clear awareness, learn our patterns and habits, and familiarize the mind with positive states such as compassion, generosity, and an equanimous, peaceful way of being in the world. Finding peace and tranquility for ourselves is an immense benefit of meditation, but there’s more! The ultimate goal of Buddhist meditation is to uproot permanently all negative energy and non-beneficial habits from the mind while cultivating limitless positive mind states such as generosity, ethical conduct, patience, dedication, concentration, and wisdom. When the mind reaches its highest potential of boundless good qualities, we are prepared to achieve enlightenment and the unlimited capacity to help all other sentient beings do the same. This altruistic motivation, called bodhicitta, is the essence of meditation in our tradition. Whether your goal is to develop concentration, mindfulness and awareness, understand your mind, find calm and inner peace, or to progress on the path to enlightenment, our meditation programs offer a vast array of techniques to support your practice at every level. Fom brand new beginners to advanced meditators, we have a program for you! All are welcome!

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