The Wheel of Sharp Weapons is a powerful mind training (lojong) text attributed to the great yogi, Dharmarakṣita. He transmitted these teachings to Atiśa (982–1054) who subsequently established the lamrim and mind training teachings in Tibet.

The Tibetan term “lojong” (“lo” means “mind,” “thought,” or “attitudes” and “jong” means “training,” “habituation,” “cultivation,” or “cleansing”) designates teachings to transform unwholesome mental states into an abiding sense of well-being, our innate ability for neuroplasticity.

This text eloquently and poetically presents teachings on emptiness, bodhicitta, and the practice of the six perfections with particular emphasis on the nature and workings of karma:

Call him, call him, wrathful Yamantaka!
Beat him, beat him, pierce the heart of the enemy, Ego!
Roar and thunder on the head of the destroyer, false construction!
Mortally strike at the heart of the butcher, the enemy, Ego! (Verse 52)

We have a very precious opportunity to receive an extended commentary on this great text from a master, Geshe Lobsang Khedup of Sera Jey Monastic University. Geshe-la’s teachings will begin on December 1 and continue through March. Come join us as we learn to recognize and defeat our real foes, profoundly reorienting our attitudes and experiences.



The series will begin on Saturday, December 1, from 6-8pm, and continue on Saturdays through March.



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Never before have we had the opportunity to receive consistent, ongoing, in-depth teachings with a master for such an extended period. This is amazing!

With open hearts we would love to share the Dharma through these unique teachings with very low or no event fees. However, this special program entails significant expense, and we will need your financial support in order to achieve that goal. The budget below outlines the costs. Keeping in mind its rarity and exceptional benefits for infinite beings, this visit is in fact priceless.

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Budget for Teachings With Geshe Khedup (November 2018–March 2019)

Teacher offerings: $1,620

Teacher travel: $600

Translator Offerings: $1,200

Total: $3,420


Geshe Lobsang Khedup was born in Tawang, in the northeast of the state of Arunchal Pradesh, India. In 1987 he received formal admission to continue his studies at Sera Jey Monastic University where he completed 3 years of dus-ra (elementary Buddhist logic), 7 years of Pharchin (Paramita/Treasure of Knowledge), 4 years of Uma (Madhyamika/Middle Way), 4 years of Dulwa (Vinaya/Monastic Ethics), 4 years of Zod (Abhidharma/Phenomenology), and 2 years of debate. He earned the title of Geshe Tsokhram in Buddhist Philosophy in February, 2007. Later he studied several Tantra courses in Gyudmed Tantric Monastery. Geshe-la was a resident teacher at the Jamyang Choekhorling Monastery in Tawang and at the Khamlungpa and Bengungyal Centers of FPMT Mexico, 2011–14. He was then the disciplinary monk (teacher) at Sera Je Monastic University before being sent to the New York Tibetan community, resident at Sera Jey Buddhist Cultural Center.