Daylong Retreat with Gus Cutz: Refuge in the Three Jewels

Sunday Oct 18, 10:30am–3:30pm EDT ONLINE

Refuge in the Three Jewels

Refuge can be described as a shelter from danger or distress. In Buddhism, we take refuge in the precious Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Before taking refuge, a practitioner must reflect deeply on several questions: Why do I need refuge? What are my current objects of refuge? How can the Three Jewels help me with my problems? Where can I find shelter from life’s storms?

Gus Cutz will unlock the treasure chest of refuge, revealing the stainless qualities of the Three Jewels, the role of each in transforming our minds, and the profound benefits of taking refuge. By reflecting on these topics, we will learn to differentiate between objects of true refuge and objects that keep us trapped in our habitual patterns of confusion. Gus will also integrate practices from the refuge module of Discovering Buddhism.

The retreat will include time for discussion and several guided meditations. Making the most of this opportunity to reorient our minds, we will practice silence during all the breaks. Please join us, bring your friends, as we discover and enjoy our Buddha nature!

Important Note

This is an online-only event that is administered using Zoom which is an interactive video-conferencing tool that allows participants to see one another and ask questions. You will need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with the Zoom application to attend. If you are using Zoom for the first time, please login a few minutes earlier to allow any necessary installations on your device.

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10:30-10:45Welcome and Motivation
12:15-12:30Walking Meditation
12:30-1:30Lunch Break
3:15-3:30Dedication and conclusion


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Time zone: US Eastern Daylight Time (GMT/UTC-4) ends Oct 31. US Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5) starts Nov 1.

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Discovering Buddhism Certification

FPMT certification is available for those who complete all the components of the course. The completion certificate confirms the satisfaction of having accomplished a comprehensive engagement with the path to enlightenment and is symbolic of your commitment to spiritual awakening.

If you are interested in receiving credit for completing each module, please indicate your commitment to completing all of the module’s requirements by printing, completing, and signing the first page of this document. You can bring it to the first session of the module or email it to [email protected].

About the Teacher

Gustavo Cutz has been an active volunteer with Shantideva Center since 2008 and previously worked as an editor at Wisdom Publications in Boston. He was the facilitator for Discovering Buddhism until 2012 and has taught the course since 2017. He is in the process of becoming an FPMT-certified teacher. Gus also interprets and summarizes Geshe Thubten Soepa’s teachings on topics such as the Four Noble Truths, the eight worldly concerns, the six perfections, the “Eight Verses of Thought Transformation,” and, most recently, Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, chapters 1-3. Gus is a clinical psychologist and currently practices on Long Island.