Qi Gong

Originating in China more than 4,000 years ago, the ancient holistic art of qi gong (qi means “energy” and gong means “cultivation” or “mastery”) engages the body and mind in gentle coordination of movement, breathing, and meditation, promoting tranquility, relaxation, and optimal good health. The art of qi gong was traditionally carefully guarded, passed from master to student so that its unique methods would be preserved in their purity and continue to benefit practitioners. In some Buddhist traditions, qi gong is among the tools that help prepare the mind for spiritual progress and achieving enlightenment. Come experience this unique method for developing tranquility and relaxation, recovering from injury, energizing, and healing as Dave Wolovsky shares the ancient art of qi gong.


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Session Fee

$20 to help support direct costs, including space rental, Dharma materials, and administration.

Shantideva Members: $18 

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About the Teacher

Dave Wolovsky has been studying Eastern arts since he was in high school. He practiced five animal kung fu for eight years before, injury after injury, he decided to take up more constructive practices. Further, after many ailments growing up, he has gotten significant health benefits from practicing qi gong, tai chi, and yoga with a variety of teachers. Although he is no master of qi (yet), he is a collector of exercises that he finds useful for energizing and healing. His class combines meditation, movement, and the crucial practice of relaxation. He approaches qi gong with the vision of accessing natural states of relaxed flow in the body and mind. The absence of such flows brings illness, while their presence brings health.

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