“In giving we not only find wealth while in cyclic existence, but we achieve the zenith of prosperity in supreme enlightenment.”
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Dāna (generosity) is one of the cornerstones of the Buddhist path. By virtue of their generosity, the Buddha and the ordained sangha offer us the teachings, and in exchange, the lay community supports Dharma centers and the monastic community. This interdependence is essential for us to share the Dharma and continue our work to benefit all sentient beings. It is only by the generous support of our community that we are able to keep our doors open.

Shantideva Center is a non-profit organization managed entirely by volunteers. All funds supporting the center go directly to pay for our rent, utilities, maintenance, teacher offerings, teacher travel, and Dharma materials. We are deeply grateful for your generosity, which will help us to achieve sustainability now and for future generations.

You are welcome to make a single donation or become a member with a recurring monthly donation to support our center and programs. To learn more about funding needs and other giving opportunities, please write to We use the Mindbody system for registration and donations. If you prefer not to create an account in Mindbody, you can donate with a debit/credit card or a PayPal account through this link.

Dana for the Teachers

Shantideva Center makes offerings to our teachers and facilitators using the funds collected through registration. You can give additional support to the teacher or facilitator and create a stronger karmic connection by offering dana. Please make sure to select the teacher’s or facilitator’s name in the dropdown menu. Dana offered is passed entirely to them, but please note that it is not tax-deductible.