Teachers and Staffs

Shantideva Center activities are coordinated and led by Buddhist practitioners who offer their time and talent as a way of service to their spiritual mentors and to those who might benefit from our programs.


Gustavo Cutz

Discovering Buddhism Teacher

Prayer Leaders

Jennifer Kim
Katelyn MacKenzie
Colin Hough Trapp

Meditation Facilitators

Annie Bien
Kimberly Brown
Manaslu Gurung
Jennifer Kim
Georges Piette
Leilani-Kali Rivers
Marisa Viola

Study Facilitators

Nick Cutz
Richard Einhorn
Snehy Gupta
Jennifer Kim
Pamela Patton

Janna Weiss

Teacher Care Team

Snehy Gupta
Sheila Odessey
Georges Piette

Animal Liberation

Emma Cobb, Animal Liberation Manager

Publicity & Communications

Bonnie Costa, Communications Coordinator
Cheyenne Craig, Social Media Coordinator
Nick Cutz, Website Manager and Graphic Design Coordinator
Wiley Saichek, Publicity Manager


Joseph Bacou, A/V Manager

Development & Finance

Sam Go, Bookkeeper
Joshua Marland, Development Manager
Sunny O’Neil, Banking Assistant
Sean Tanaka, Accounting Manager

Estate Planning

Leilani-Kali Rivers, Estate Planning Manager


Robert Armstrong, Registration Assistant
Melvin Horton, Registration Assistant
Carmela Huang, Registration Assistant
Jennifer Kim, Registration Assistant
Ellen Mendlow, Registration Assistant
Vidya Reddy, Registration Assistant

House Staff

Sean Tanaka, Membership Coordinator
Colin Hough Trapp, Prayer List Coordinator

Shantideva Shop

Sheila Odessey, Shop Manager

Events Staff

Ellen Mendlow, Event Manager
Leonard J. Wilson, Photographer