Join the Team! Make a Difference!

A billion, zillion thanks from my heart to you for serving at the center. That is, as you know, to benefit sentient beings and the teachings of the Buddha. It is to benefit all sentient beings, not just people, but numberless hell beings, hungry ghosts, numberless animals, human beings, suras, asura beings, and numberless intermediate state beings, and to benefit the teachings of the Buddha. This is our main aim in life. 

– Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

We’re growing, flourishing, and offering exceptional programming at all levels in our new Park Slope home! Just one year after opening our doors, we’ve achieved more than we ever thought possible, and there is no limit to the good we can do together.

Shantideva Center is here to serve others and our team is expanding, rising to the challenge of achieving the highest good of all sentient beings. It’s a vast ambition, and you can help make it happen! Come aboard and join the fun!

Check out these volunteer opportunities

We are an all-volunteer-managed non-profit organization. For more information and to offer service, please drop us an email at

Offering Service

We offer service to the center with a mind of generosity wishing to benefit others in the best way possible. Offering service is all about motivation. When offering service, we put the needs of others first. This is the path of bodhisattvas. There are two main types of volunteer opportunities available: Regular Service and Occasional Volunteers.