Three ​Visions of Profound Reality
with Guy Newland

When Buddha meditated on the causes of human suffering and dissatisfaction, he found liberation by realizing what he called the Profound Reality. Professor Newland explains the distinctive power of Tsongkhapa’s articulation of this vision, contrasting it with the approaches of other Tibetan masters such as Dölpopa Sherap Gyaltsen and Goram Sönam Senge.

Additional Materials

Recommended Books — both books include translation of key texts and essays putting these translations in context:

Mountain Doctrine: Tibet’s Fundamental Treatise On Other—Emptiness And The Buddha Matrix by Jeffrey Hopkins

Freedom from Extremes: Gorampa’s “Distinguishing the Views” and the Polemics of Emptiness by José Ignacio Cabezón

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About the Teacher

Guy Newland, Ph.D., is a scholar of Tibetan Madhyamaka whose teachers include Jeffrey Hopkins and Loling Geshe Palden Drakpa. He is a translator and editor of Tsongkhapa’s Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment and of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings on that text, From Here to Enlightenment. Guy is the author of Introduction to EmptinessAppearance and RealityThe Two Truths, and A Buddhist Grief Observed.