Sat-Sun May 23-24 & 30-31

Organized by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW). For more information and to register with FDCW please click here.


Note: Must have already completed 16 Guidelines Level 1 course (previously called ’16 Guidelines to a Meaningful Life’).

16G Level 2 offers an expanded and deeper experience of the capacity and power of the 16 Guidelines to bring happiness and meaning to our lives. It also explores methods, tools and activities for sharing the 16 Guidelines with family and friends, or in settings such as education, youth work, health and social care, and the workplace.

Led by an experienced, trained, and accredited 16G facilitator, a Level 2 workshop will provide:

  • A more profound understanding of the philosophical foundations of the 16 Guidelines.
  • A deeper look at the theory and practice of the skill of mindfulness.
  • An exploration of the methodologies on which the framework of 16G reflections, experiential tools, and creative activities is based.
  • An exploration of the shadow side of the guidelines and how to use and work with it.
  • An opportunity to connect with other 16G practitioners who are active in the wider community, and to share ideas and knowledge at greater length and depth.

Why participate?

Level 2 will encourage and enable you to explore and reflect more deeply on the 16 Guidelines and Four Wisdom Themes. This is your next step if you have come to appreciate their capacity to shift old habits and attitudes, and to open up new possibilities for your relationships and engagement in the community. A Level 2 workshop will also provide you with the knowledge, familiarity, and experience of a range of tools and methodologies for sharing the 16 Guidelines with others, and a network of like-minded people who can act as a source of advice and support.

This is for you if:

  • You feel you’ve benefited from Level 1 and now want to go further.
  • You want to meet 16G practitioners from a wider geographical area.
  • You want to learn more about philosophical basis of the 16G methodologies, tools, and activities.
  • You want to learn more about how to share your understanding and experience of the 16 Guidelines and Four Wisdom Themes with others, and how to promote the aims of Universal Education.
  • You are interested in further training to become a FDCW accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator.