Spreading the Dharma at Shantideva

"Shantideva Meditation Center is in the middle of its annual appeal." I read that first line and noticed a glaring mistake. It is not ITS annual appeal but OURS, MINE. We are Shantideva Meditation Center and helping to make the Center flourish is the best way to spread the Dharma. We all have to dig deep and overextend ourselves to nourish ourselves and our Center.

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Finding the Right Spiritual Community

July 25, 2015 was a very auspicious day. That day, I arrived at Garrison Institute for a lamrim retreat with a group I had never met: Shantideva Meditation Center. I knew nothing about them. I had previously gone to teachings on A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, so the name of its author, Shantideva, was already awe-inspiring. Also awe-inspiring was meeting Venerable Amy Miller, the retreat leader. Her gentleness, openness, endearing presence, and practical approach to sharing the Dharma won my heart.

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