Conflict Management Skills Training
with Tenzin Chogkyi

This training is intended for anyone interested in improving conflict resolution skills at work or at home, including business professionals, nonprofit staff, and aspiring mediators. You can look forward to an enjoyable training with lots of discussion and skills practice. Learn practical, powerful skills to:

  • Understand how we react to conflict
  • Prevent arguments from escalating
  • Listen without defensiveness
  • Express yourself effectively and without aggression
  • Find common ground and better solutions
  • Create positive, lasting change

This training is the prerequisite for the Conflict Resolution Center’s Community Mediation Training

Short Video

Ven. Tenzin Chogkyi introduces the Conflict Management Skills Training workshop:

About the Teacher

Tenzin Chogkyi (she/her/hers) is a teacher of workshops and programs that bridge the worlds of Buddhist thought, contemplative practice, mental and emotional cultivation, and the latest research in the field of positive psychology. Tenzin first became interested in meditation in the early 1970s and then started practicing Tibetan Buddhism in early 1991 during a year she spent studying in India and Nepal. She completed several long meditation retreats over a six-year period and took monastic ordination with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, practicing as a monastic for nearly 20 years. Since 2006 she has been teaching in Buddhist centers around the world and taught in prisons for 15 years.

She is also a certified teacher of Compassion Cultivation Training and the Cultivating Emotional Balance program. Tenzin is especially interested in bringing the wisdom of Buddhism into modern culture and into alignment with modern cultural values such as racial and gender justice and environmental awareness. She feels strongly that a genuine and meaningful spiritual path includes not only personal transformation, but social and cultural transformation as well. She loves interfaith collaboration and is a volunteer for the Interfaith Speakers Bureau of the Islamic Networks Group in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. She is featured on a monthly radio show called “Reflections on Buddhism” on KSQD 90.7 in the Santa Cruz area. She also finds time to create her Unlocking True Happiness podcast which you can check out at where you will also find her current teaching schedule. She is currently based on traditional Awaswas Ohlone land, in what is now known as Santa Cruz, CA.