Chotrul Duchen (Day of Miracles)
with Ven. Amy Miller

Chotrul Duchen (Day of Miracles) marks the end of the 15-day festival of Monlam, a period of Dharma practice and joyous celebration of the Buddha’s power. Karmic results (both positive and negative) are multiplied by one hundred million during this period, making it an especially auspicious time for practice. During this time, the Buddha performed a series of miracles: he manifested trees, mountains, and lakes, and he emanated light and clairvoyance. Most significantly, these miraculous acts inspired faith and swift spiritual progress in his followers.

Join Ven. Amy Miller on March 9 to celebrate Chotrul Duchen! Practices will include making offerings, recitations, Vajrasattva purification, and a Shakyamuni Buddha puja.



6:30-7:00Altar setup; everyone is welcome to take part
7:00-7:15Prostrations to 35 Buddhas
7:15-7:30Vajrasattva Practice
7:30-7:45Sutra for Remembering the Three Jewels
7:45-8:00In Praise of Dependent Origination
8:00-9:00Shakyamuni Puja


Prayer Requests

If you would like to request a dedication for yourself or someone else who might benefit from this practice, please email [email protected] and indicate “Chotrul Duchen Prayers” in the subject line. Please provide a 24-hour notice for prayer requests. Today, just like any other day, is a perfect opportunity to engage more earnestly in one’s practice. May the Buddhadharma flourish and spread forth to all sentient beings in the ten directions!

About the Teacher

Venerable Amy MillerVenerable Amy Miller has been teaching extensively since 1992 and was ordained as a Buddhist nun in June 2000 by the great Tibetan master, Venerable Choden Rinpoche. She has previously directed several FPMT centers and projects for decades and has completed a seven-month solitary retreat. Her teaching style emphasizes a practical approach to integrating Buddhist philosophy into everyday life. She is happy to help people connect with meditation and mindfulness in an effort to gain a refreshing perspective on normally stressful living. Venerable teaches and leads retreats and pilgrimages around the world. Her teaching schedule and other information can be found at