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Buddhist Approaches to Fear and Anxiety
A Public Talk with Dr. David Kittay

Buddhism is a path for real people, and real people can be fearful and anxious. How does Buddhism consider fear and anxiety, and does Dr. Buddha have any treatments for them? We’ll take a look at fear, anxiety, their causes, and treatments from a Buddhist perspective, including approaches from Fundamental, Universal, and Esoteric Buddhism. Professor Kittay admits he is really nervous about this talk!

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About the Speaker

Dr. David Kittay teaches philosophy, religion, and technology at Columbia, where his courses are called “life changing,” translates exoteric and esoteric Buddhist texts, and founded and teaches at The Harlem Clemente Course for the Humanities at the Drew Hamilton Houses on 143rd St. He is a Tibet House Board member. He is the translator of The Vajra Rosary Tantra, Alamkakalaśa’s Commentary on the Vajra Rosary, and, with Professor Lozang Jamspal, Pha Dampa Sangs rgyas’s One Hundred Spiritual Instructions to the Dingri People (Ladakh Ratnashridipika Press, 2011), The Elucidation of the Intention Tantra, The Questions of the Four Goddesses Tantra and Tsong Khapa’s commentary on it, The Vajra Intuition Compendium Tantra, with Tsong Khapa’s commentary, and the Later Tantra (these being the first complete English translations of the Explanatory Tantras of the Guhyasamāja under the Noble Tradition, and (under a grant from 84000, Translating the Words of the Buddha) The Symphony of Dharma Sūtra, along with other publications about Buddhism, religion, and law.

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