How to See Yourself as You Really Are with Stephan Pende

Shantideva Center welcomes meditation teacher Stephan Pende as he leads an in-depth guided reading of the Dalai Lama’s book How to See Yourself as You Really Are–which is actually a tightly focused and clear meditation program for learning to see the world and ourselves as we actually exist, without the overlay of false imagination.

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Rebirth Without Faith with Gus Cutz

The purpose of this series is to give an initial taste of the sophisticated line of inquiry underpinning one of the most central tenets of Buddhist thought and practice and to discuss how we might use the same methods used in the ancient Buddhist texts for answering modern questions not directly addressed in ancient times.

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Lhabab Duchen

Celebrating Lhabab Duchen, commemorating the Buddha’s return to earth after teaching the Dharma to his mother in the God Realm of the Thirty-Three!

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16 Arhats Puja

The Sixteen Arhats puja is a powerful purification practice. Buddha Shakyamuni personally selected the Sixteen Arhats from amongst his disciples and requested them to protect the Dharma.

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