Discover Inner Peace:
Unlock the Magical Power of the 35 Buddhas Practice
with Venerable Katy Cole

Mondays, Jun 17, 24, Jul 15 & 22, 7–8:30pm EDT


Unlock the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism with the transformative practice of the 35 Buddhas Prostrations. Dive into a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as you embark on this profound practice revered for centuries.

What are the 35 Buddhas Prostrations? They are a sacred ritual of reverence, gratitude, and purification. By bowing down in prostration to enlightened beings, you pay homage to their wisdom and also connect deeply with your own inner Buddha nature.

Why should you incorporate this practice into your life? Here are just a few reasons:

1. **Inner Peace and Calm**: In today’s hectic world, finding inner peace is invaluable. The 35 Buddhas Prostrations practice offers a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the chaos, allowing you to cultivate a sense of calmness that permeates every aspect of your life.

2. Spiritual Growth: Delve into the depths of your spiritual journey with this profound practice. Each prostration is a physical act and an opportunity for deep self-reflection and transformation. As you bow down, you let go of your ego and open yourself up to higher consciousness, inspiring and motivating you on your spiritual path.

3. Purification of Negative Karma: Just as a river purifies itself as it flows, the 35 Buddhas Prostrations practice purifies your mind, body, and soul. By acknowledging your past actions and vowing to do better, you cleanse yourself of negative karma, leaving you feeling cleansed and rejuvenated and paving the way for a brighter future.

4. **Connection with Divine Energy**: Feel the divine energy coursing through your veins as you immerse yourself in this sacred practice. With each prostration, you draw closer to the enlightened beings, forging a deep and meaningful connection that nourishes your spirit.

5. **Physical and Mental Well-being**: Prostrating is a gesture of devotion and a form of exercise for the body and mind. You will experience improved flexibility, strength, and mental clarity as you engage in this dynamic practice.

Incorporate the 35 Buddhas Prostrations into your daily routine and witness its profound impact on your life. Embrace the path of enlightenment, cultivate inner peace, and awaken to the limitless potential within you. Join us on this transformative journey today!

Everybody is welcome! This practice can be done seated and in 10 minutes daily. Come and find out how!

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Additional Materials

  • The Preliminary Practice of Prostrations eBook ( Via FPMT store)
  • Cleansing the Mind: The Power of the 35 Confession Buddhas with Ven. Katy Cole (Watch)
  • Prostration (Watch)
  • Pilgrimage around Mount Kailash (Watch)


The recordings will be available soon.

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About the Teacher

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Katy Cole (Tenzin Zomkyi) has been a Buddhist nun for over 18 years. She was ordained with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala in 2004.

Since 2003, Katy has served in a variety of positions within Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s FPMT: as Liberation Prison Project’s spiritual program coordinator, chaplain coordinator, and on the project’s US Board of Directors; and at one of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s residences in Aptos, CA, Kachoe Dechen Ling, helping with the numerous extensive offerings completed there every day. In 2008 she did a one-year retreat at FPMT’s De-Tong Ling Retreat center on the western side of Kangaroo Island, just off the coast of South Australia.

Since 2013, and until the pandemic, Katy visited Lawudo Gompa annually for retreat, study, and to help Rinpoche’s sister with offerings in Rinpoche’s cave and main gompa, helping the tourists who come to stay, and baby cow care.

Prior to meeting her teachers, Katy studied Vipassana meditation with practitioners from Myanmar.

Katy has a BA Hons in Theatre Arts from Dartington College of Arts, U.K., a BA Hons in Psychology from Murdoch University, W.A, and a MA in clinical psychology from the University of Western Australia. She worked as a psychologist prior to moving to California to work for Liberation Prison Project.

Katy is currently living north of San Francisco, leading meditations and pujas online over Zoom, studying, and engaging in Nyung Nay retreat.