Thangka Art Workshops
with Carmen Mensink

We are excited that Carmen Mensink will be returning to Shantideva Center to teach three workshops for both beginners and advanced students. All come with a guided meditation, slide shows and talks on the symbolism of the subject (a Tibetan Buddha, Mandala or Symbol), and a lot of individual guidance.

The Four Harmonious Friends

The Four Harmonious Friends; the Elephant, Monkey, Hare and Partridge according to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Thangka. This workshop is suitable for everyone, including people without any drawing experience. For additional details, please visit the event page.

Draw the Face of the Buddha

Learn about drawing and painting Tibetan thangkas including a short meditation and lecture about the backgrounds and symbolism of Tibetan thangkas. For additional details, please visit the event page.

About the Teacher

Carmen Mensink is an internationally renowned painter of thangkas, the traditional Tibetan scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas. She is the founder of the online School for Tibetan Buddhist Art.

Carmen has been teaching Tibetan Art, Meditation and Philosophy for two decades and offers classes at museums, universities, and Buddhist centers around the world, including the Rubin Museum of Art, Pratt Institute, Columbia University, and Omega Institute. She has been featured in dozens of publications.  

Through the dedication and joy Carmen expresses (and that is passed on to her students!) in her onsite, online, and private thangka classes, she has guided and inspired thousands of people along the Buddhist Art & Dharma path.

Carmen is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is also being asked to work on related Tibetan art forms, including large floor paintings of the ‘Eight Auspicious Symbols’ to welcome the Dalai Lama in her home country in 2009, 2014 and 2018. 

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