Daylong Retreat with Gus Cutz: Samsara and Nirvana

“Without the complete intention definitely to be free from circling,

There is no way to pacify attachment seeking pleasurable effects in the ocean of circling.

Also, by craving for cyclic existence, embodied beings are continuously bound.

Therefore, at the very beginning seek renunciation.”

–Je Tsongkhapa, The Three Principal Aspects of the Path

Samsara is the cycle of endless rebirths that ordinarily propels one’s mind toward more suffering. Nirvana is complete freedom from that state. Spend a day in retreat with Gus Cutz, who will guide you through a variety of meditations aimed at developing the determination to be free from suffering and its causes. This, the Buddhadharma asserts, is where the spiritual path truly begins! This retreat is the culminating event for Discovering Buddhism: Samsara and Nirvana, though all are welcome to join.