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Thangka Art Classes
with Carmen Mensink

Note: The workshops are postponed to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. Carmen is offering classes online including Drawing the Buddha Face. Please check her website for details.

In Tibet, the painting of thangkas was an important and highly developed means of expression through which the entire Buddhist philosophy could be explained. And it still has this function: thangkas are used in temples & monasteries and are hung above the altars to support the Buddhist meditation and practice. The Chinese invasion in Tibet in the 1950’s and the destruction of a lot of old Tibetan traditions and monasteries makes it even more important to keep this beautiful tradition alive and pure.

We are excited that Carmen Mensink will be returning to Shantideva Center to teach three courses for both beginners and advanced students. All courses come with a guided meditation, slide shows and talks on the symbolism of the subject (a Tibetan Buddha, Mandala or Symbol), and a lot of individual guidance.

Healing Plants in Tibetan Medicine

Learn how to draw and color healing plants and herbs from the Tibetan tradition in this meditative workshop. Drawing experience is not necessary. For additional details, please visit Carmen's event page.

Date/Time: Wed May 13, 12–5pm
Cost: $90

Buddha Face

Learn to draw the Buddha's face in this intro to drawing and painting Tibetan thangkas. Drawing experience is not necessary. It is a prerequisite to the Manjushri course. For additional details, please visit Carmen's event page.

Date/Time: Fri May 15, 11:30am–2:30pm
Cost: $60


Learn to draw the beautiful Manjushri, who embodies the wisdom of all the Buddhas, in this intermediate-advanced weekend course. Completion of Carmen's Drawing the Buddha Face workshop is required to attend this course. For additional details, please visit Carmen's event page.

Date/Time: Fri May 15, 7–8:30pm; Sat May 16, 9am–6pm; Sun May 17, 9am–4pm
Cost: $190

About the Instructor

Carmen Mensink was born in the Netherlands in 1972 and graduated in 1995 as a graphic designer at the Academy of Arts in Kampen. Afterwards she completed a specialization in Typography at The Hague Royal Academy of Arts in 1996. Carmen, who is a member of our sister FPMT Center in Amsterdam, lives in the Netherlands and teaches thangka courses in Europe, as well as thangka classes in the United States. Visit her website at

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