Meditations to Train the Mind in the Mahayana Path
with Ven. George Churinoff

Co-hosted with The Guhyasamaja Center

The lamrim, the gradual path to enlightenment, is a textual tradition that presents the Buddhist teachings in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Lamrim meditations are essential for actualizing the various teachings after we have heard and reflected on them. Venerable George Churinoff, a precious Dharma scholar and practitioner, guides us through this profound sequence of meditations so we can gain a full understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, nourish our minds, and create the causes for contentment. This is an excellent opportunity for new students to understand the structure of the entire Buddhist path and for more experienced students to deepen their understanding and practice.

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About the Teacher

A physics graduate from MIT, Venerable George Churinoff earned a Masters degree in Buddhist studies from Delhi University, India. He took ordination in 1975 and studied the Geshe Studies Program at Manjushri Institute, England, where he also served as Spiritual Program Coordinator. Venerable George was instrumental in founding the Masters Program at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa in Italy, where he also served as Program Coordinator. After studying and teaching there for eight years he spent several years at Tushita Centre in Delhi, followed by three years as Lama Osel Rinpoche’s English curriculum tutor at Sera Je Monastery in South India.

Venerable George has done many retreats in the sutra and tantra traditions and taught extensively in FPMT centers all over the world. He taught the Basic Program as resident teacher at Dorje Chang Institute, New Zealand and at Land of Medicine Buddha, USA. Venerable George now resides in Asheville, NC and has recently completed a 3-year retreat.