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Debate Club with Gus Cutz

In this pilot program, we will be setting off together as we familiarize ourselves with the basics of Tibetan debate, in keeping with the Buddha’s advice to “come and see” for ourselves.

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Teachings with Tengyur Rinpoche

(1st teaching) Explore how the Buddha’s teachings might relate to our own lives in this modern era, and how they can meet us where we are—no matter our belief system. (2nd teaching) Dozens of Buddhist traditions exist, from Theravada to Mahayana and Vajrayana. Learn whether one can practice multiple traditions—or none of the traditions—and call oneself a Buddhist.

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Working with Emotions with Pilar Jennings

Explore a Buddhist and psychotherapeutic approach to emotional life including anger, anxiety, and desire with Dr. Pilar Jennings, a psychoanalyst and lecturer in Buddhist studies. Cultivate insights and tools on these strong feelings over 3 sessions.

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