The five lay precepts are the grounding principles of conduct at Shantideva Center. While on the premises or engaged in any activity related to the center, all staff, teachers, facilitators, students, and volunteers at Shantideva Center must agree to observe the Buddha’s five ethical guidelines for laypeople. These guidelines helps us to calm our minds and live in harmony with all beings.

  • Respect life. Do not physically harm any living being, including insects. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the premises.
  • Respect others’ property. Do not take anything that hasn’t been freely given or is not meant for your use. 
  • Do not engage in sexual behavior. Although this precept concerns unwise and unkind sexual conduct, at the center this includes all sexual activity. Please refrain from sexual activity of any kind, physical expressions of affection, and flirting while you are here. These behaviors distract the mind and disturb the minds of others.
  • Speak truthfully. Right speech includes speaking wisely, kindly, and at appropriate times. 
  • Do not use intoxicants: alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, or vapor. Please note that although not all teachers consider tobacco and vapor to be intoxicants, they are strictly prohibited on Shantideva Center grounds, including in changing rooms, bathrooms, and outside near the entry or steps.