Meditation Singing Bowl


Meditation is an ancient and powerful technique for developing the mind, is commonly practiced in different forms among all spiritual traditions, and is one of the central elements of Buddhist practice. Shantideva Center offers a full program of meditation in the Tibetan tradition, each of which has a slightly different emphasis:

Śamatha (concentration) meditation emphasizes developing single-pointed focus on an inspirational object.

Vipaśyanā (insight) meditation engages a mindful awareness that seeks to uproot the fundamental causes of our dissatisfaction and suffering.

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation traditionally begins with establishing śamatha, then proceeds to examine a topic of the lamrim (stages on the path to enlightenment), helping us to cultivate the good qualities that will lead to lasting happiness and to see things as they really are.  

We offer programs geared for every level of practice, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Whether your aim is to develop concentration, mindfulness and awareness, understand your mind, find inner peace and tranquility, or progress on the path to enlightenment, we have something for everyone.

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