Vipaśyanā (Insight) Meditation

Reality check! Our vipaśyanā (insight) meditation sessions will train us to develop clarity, focus, and tranquility, while opening our minds to see how things actually exist. Through this practice, we realize the infinite possibilities for positive change in ourselves and for the world around us. We emerge with reduced stress and anxiety through a better understanding of the true nature of people and things, improving our interactions with others and the world. Each session will begin with establishing an optimal posture for the body and mind. Our facilitator will then guide us through concentration and analytical meditations, and end with a discussion of the topic analyzed.


Session Fee

$20 to help support direct costs, including space rental, Dharma materials, and administration. 

Shantideva Members: $18

(Member discounts will be applied automatically if you have transferred your membership to MindBody. If you need assistance doing this, please contact