Meditation is an ancient and powerful technique for developing the mind, is commonly practiced in different forms among all spiritual traditions, and is one of the central elements of Buddhist practice. Shantideva Center offers a full program of meditation for every level of practice, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

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Meditation 101

Introductory course covering the basics of meditation.

Beginner's Night

Guided meditations geared toward beginning practitioners.

Lunchtime Meditation

Guided or unguided meditation every weekday at lunchtime.

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Meditation for Kids

A unique program designed for kids aged 8-15.


Buddhist Meditation

Meditations for exploring the stages on the path to enlightment.

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Śamatha Meditation

Śamatha meditation to develop single-pointed concentration.

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Vipaśyanā Meditation

Vipaśyanā (insight) meditation to engage a mindful awareness that seeks to uproot the fundamental causes of our dissatisfaction and suffering.

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