Clean Your Karma

Karma is the law of cause and effect that determines what we experience in life. Every action that we do, positive or negative, has a similar consequence. In this way, our actions are like seeds that ripen in positive or negative circumstances and experiences. As ordinary beings, we have all acted in ways that we later regret. Some of us might even hold on to feelings of guilt or shame that bring us down and hinder our spiritual progress. Through powerful purification practices, we weed the gardens of our mind, refocus, motivate, and, with compassion for ourselves, spring ahead in the joyous cultivation of virtue. We take responsibility for our actions and empower ourselves for future success. Purification practices are grounded in the four opponent powers:

  1. Regret: This is not the same as guilt. Regret is acknowledging our mistake without beating ourselves up over it.
  2. Restoring the relationship: We cultivate constructive feelings towards those we have harmed.
  3. Resolving not to do the action again: Depending on the action, this can be for a manageable period of time or for the rest of our lives.
  4. Remedial action: Purification practices are among the most powerful remedial actions.

Regular purification practices help us to maintain our mindstreams free of karmic clutter, and practicing together as a group increases their energy and impact. Purification practices include:

Time to clean house! Join us for a karmic cleansing!


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