White Tara Puja

“The practice of White Tara strengthens and restores good health and life-force energy by gathering all the various elements needed to sustain and nurture health and removing life obstacles. In addition, by relying on White Tara, we are quickly able to gain whatever is needed to accomplish our aims in this life.” —Lama Zopa Rinpoche

White Tara is one of the three long-life deities. This practice strengthens and restores health and life-force energy. By relying on White Tara, students are able to accumulate merit and purify negative karma in order to accomplish their aims. If one has experienced many health problems, accidents, depression, or a loss of vitality, the practices of White Tara might be helpful.

White Tara meditations can also be done on behalf of oneself or others, and are frequently done to remove obstacles to the long lives and health of one’s gurus.

This practice can be done on behalf of oneself or others. If one has experienced many health problems, accidents, depression, or a loss of “lust for life,” the practice of White Tara can be especially powerful.

Sadhana for Online Practice

The sadhana will be screen-shared during the puja.

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You are welcome to sponsor all or part of the puja. Full sponsorship is $108. Great merit is created by your contribution of any amount. Sponsorship is processed through registering above, even if you will not be attending the puja. Please make sure to email prayers@shantidevanyc.org with your prayer request. We are grateful for your generosity!

“If someone offers a small flower or rice to a Buddha statue, a stupa or scripture then the benefit extends from then up to Enlightenment. Amazing, amazing. It is said in the sutra Piled Flowers, on top of that benefit, you achieve ultimate happiness – liberation from the causes of delusion and karma and on top of that full Enlightenment – all the realizations and omniscient mind.” —Lama Zopa Rinpoche