Guru Puja (Lama Chöpa)

Guru Puja lays the whole path to enlightenment on the mindstream, connects us more strongly to our teachers, accumulate merit, and purify negative karma. The practice consists of making offerings to and requesting inspiration from the spiritual teacher (whether or not the teacher us physically present), seen as the embodiment of the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha), preparing our minds to achieve realizations.

Spiritual vows and commitments that have degenerated are also restored through this practice. We unite our minds with the holy mind of the spiritual teacher, considered the root and life force of the spiritual path.

Join us for this meritorious practice. Offering of sweets, fruits, or flowers for the altar are warmly encouraged to generate merit (positive potential).

Sadhana for Online Practice

Please download and refer to this sadhana during the online practice.