Discovering Buddhism

Class Guidelines

To facilitate learning Buddhadharma for the whole group, we ask you to kindly remain mindful of the following principles.  Should you have any concerns, please address them with the facilitator.
  1. Demonstrate respect toward other group members and their views. ​ Study group members should always feel that the gompa is a safe space to raise questions and concerns about the material, and a space as free as possible from discomfort and needless distractions. With that in mind, please remember to:
  • Avoid criticizing or speaking negatively to or about any group members or their views
  • Silence your cell phones and other devices that make noise.
  • Avoid noisy or distracting behaviors, such as eating and getting up from your seat more than you absolutely need to.
  • Address any concerns about room temperature or similar matters to the facilitator. While we will make every effort to accommodate requests, please understand that, in order to contribute to the mental and physical well­being and comfort of the group, we must take the needs of the entire group into account.
  1. Help conversations stay on topic.​ It is very important in the limited time we have to make sure everyone in the group leaves with a strong understanding of the topic. In particular, please be mindful to avoid:
  • Questions or comments tangential to the readings being discussed.
  • Questions that were already addressed in the assigned readings.
  • Discussion of personal concerns that take significant time.
  • Side discussions with only some group members.
  1. Demonstrate our deep respect toward the gompa and the Dharma. ​It is important for all of us to:
  • Avoid swearing, harsh words, idle talk, and gossip, which the teachings describe as harmful to the mind.
  • Take care of Dharma books (including your notes) by not placing them directly on the floor or on chairs (cloths will be happily provided upon request to make this easier).