Teachings & Retreats


Shantideva Center presents a series of informed and inspirational public talks, in-depth teachings, and retreats with visiting teachers. Most of these teachings explore Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and psychology and their integration and practice within our daily lives. Topics come from the teachings in the lam­rim (the graduated path to enlightenment) and explore fundamental principles and methods for attaining realizations. We occasionally offer teachings on classic texts such as Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life or the Heart Sutra, as well as retreats focusing on integrating the teachings and/or practicing meditation. Authentic teachers in our tradition include rinpoches and lamas (high ranking, respected masters), geshes (holders of a degree traditionally received after approximately 25 years of full-time intensive philosophical study at one of the great monasteries), qualified monks and nuns, and other experienced Western teachers. As a Center associated with FPMT, Shantideva Center extends invitations to qualified teachers, both Tibetan and Western, while making a strong effort to create the causes and conditions to attract these teachers to New York. For more information on our visiting teachers, please visit Visiting Teachers.  


Our retreats take place on select weekends at our center or at beautiful yet accessible retreat sites such as Garrison Institute and Menla Center. The retreats are led by qualified FPMT teachers and topics are based on the lamrim. To view our upcoming retreats, please visit our calendar.  

Upcoming Teachings and Retreats