Discovering Buddhism

Samsara and Nirvana

In this module, we will examine what samsara is and how we are stuck in it, what nirvana is and how we can achieve it. We will also find out how we can develop the determination to be free from suffering. We will learn to empower ourselves with practical tools for dealing with and eliminating disturbing emotions forever. The questions we will explore include:
  • What is renunciation?
  • What is liberation?
  • What is the difference between liberation and enlightenment?
This module will also enable students to have hands-on experience with the different components of a daily practice, including how to do prostrations, make offerings, practice purification, and rejoice. This is the ninth in a series of 14 modules covering the complete Buddhist path to enlightenment. Students may join at any point in the cycle. Discovering Buddhism is designed for students who wish to deepen their understanding of fundamental Buddhist concepts. The program is designed to provide an experiential taste of the Buddha’s teachings and the skills we need to make our lives most meaningful. Each module includes teachings, meditations, readings, assessment questions, and a short retreat.