Everyday Living

At the heart of Buddhism lies a truth common to everyone: we all wish to have happiness, and we all wish to avoid suffering. In the Buddhist worldview, the ultimate happiness is the achievement of enlightenment so that we can be of best benefit to all other beings. All Buddhist philosophy and practice has this goal as its end, and how we live our daily lives creates the causes for realizing our highest potential. In our Everyday Living program, we offer classes on how to live a meaningful life and cultivate our limitless potential. We explore the principles of Buddhist philosophy that are universal and share common ground with other philosophical, ethical, and religious systems, providing guidelines for finding peace, tranquility, and meaning in our daily lives. Through mindful living, and by developing beneficial qualities such as compassion, kindness, generosity, and patience, we can achieve satisfaction and contentment in our lives, enjoy everything around us more, contribute to the well-being of others, and help to create a better world for all.  

Upcoming Classes and Workshops